Meritbadge.Info help files

The videos below help you use and understand the complexities of's registration system. Start there if you have questions.

If your questions are not answered in one or more of these tutorials and/or you have questions about events, registration, payments, removing your son, or anything related to a specific event, open the event and click the big button to email the event manager.  Do NOT send an email to the site administrators, there is nothing we can do.

The most common issues we have seen are:

Scouter isn't registered with BSA.
You do NOT have to be a troop leader but you must be registered with a BSA Number and an up to date Youth Protection training on file at BSA National.

There are no badges in the list.
Be sure you change the "Session" dropdown.  Many events have several sessions.  If you do this and nothing appears, the classes are full.

I cannot register scouts.
We have registered nearly a half million seats so it is unlikely a system problem.
Pay attention to all red text.
Try using a different browser.  Try rebooting your PC.  Try using a differeint PC.  Try a different network.  Most issues we find today are based on technology changes at the user side. 

If you have watched the help videos, tried our suggestions, and still cannot get things to work, drop us a line by sending an email to answering the following questions.

Cut and paste this and answer the questions
--- cut ---
1) Computer Operating System version (ex: OSX 11, Windows 7, Droid 5)?
2) Browser and version (IE 11, Safari 2, Chrome 12)?
3) Event you are trying to register for?
4) Email you are using to sign in?
6) What did you do?
7) What did you see?
8) What did you expect to see?
9) Attach screen capture showing any errors?
--- cut ---

We cannot diagnose your issue from an email stating "I cannot register my son for Citizenship in the World and the class is now full". We must have more context that lets us reproduce your issue.

If you do not send us items 1-9 above, your email will be immediately deleted. If you insult our website, your email will be ignored (or worse, we return the favor). We have nearly half a million successful registrations telling us the website is working as designed. Pay attention to all messages in red.

Rodrigo and Mike have provided for free since January 2006. We both hold full-time jobs, travel far too much, and cannot be on-call to help you immediately.
Nearly everything you need to know to use this website is answered in the videos below. If we missed something, let us know and we'll fix it.
Thank you for using and all you do for our youth.

How to Videos

Show me how to create my user profile

How to sign up my scouts for activities

Get my scout's advancement records.

NOTE: Not all counselors update these records. Directly contact the event manager or the merit badge counselor if you need details that are not present on our website.

  • Counselor: Update Class Roster Show me how to update a class roster showing attendance and requirements completed.
  • Event Mgr: Create an Event Show me how to create my first event.
  • Event Mgr: Update classes Show me how to add/update classes for my event.
  • Event Mgr: Add Unit Payments Show me how to update payment information for units attending my event.
  • Event Mgr: Revenue Summary Show me what units have paid and what is owed for my event.