About Meritbadge.Info

This is provided as a free service to scouters who desire to use the site. 

Anyone can sign-up to be a Unit Leader, Merit Badge Counselor, and Event Manager.  To do so, simply create a new user, and select these options at the bottom of the form.  If you want more access, please send an email to admin@meritbadge.info explaining your current role as a scouter and why you need higher access.

Reporting Defects

When reporting defects, please hit the back button on your browser and press the Prnt Scrn key on the top right of your keyboard.  Paste the image captured by printscreen into the defect report and explain the circumstances where you got this defect.  It helps to have your email ID, the page where the defect occurred, the information you entered, and anything else that helps us reproduce the error.  Our goal is to make this a solid web application that is used and enjoyed by Scouters.  We appreciate your help making this possible.

Meritbadge.info is provided as a free service.  Using this means you are willing to accept the fact that we work for a living and cannot spend inordinate amounts of time making changes, repairing damage, and providing support for you.  We will do our best because we want to make it easy for the scouts to find and complete their merit badges.  Please be patient if we do not respond to your email promptly.  Regardless of the response time, We still want to hear from you.

Merit Badge Counselors

Address and phone number information may be marked so it does not get shown to the scouts and scouters registering for merit badges.  Yet, this information is helpful to manage events.  I urge you to enter this information and uncheck the show checkbox if you do not want this published.  The Event Managers understand and appreciate your desire for privacy.

Yours in Scouting,
Mike Jenkins & Rodrigo Cano
Wood Badge 92-46, Bear Patrol