Event Details

2020 :: Troop 1194 Merit Badge Day

1200 E H St, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Merit Badge
2 (# badges a single scout can attend)
$40.00 (Cost to attend this event)
any scout who wants to attend (Who is invited)
San Diego-Imperial

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Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Mr Michael Claudio (troop1194.mbd@gmail.com), the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionClass FeeSeats Available
American Business PM 0 6
Automotive Maintenance AM 0 0
Aviation PM 0 8
Aviation AM 0 5
Camping* All day 0 13
Citizenship in the Nation* AM 0 10
Citizenship in the World* PM 0 14
Communication* PM 0 8
Electricity AM 0 6
Emergency Preparedness* All day 0 10
Family Life* AM 0 3
Geocaching PM 0 3
Personal Fitness* PM 0 3
Personal Management* PM 0 8
Sustainability* PM 0 5
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Sponsor Information

If you have a question about the Merit Badge Clinic please send an e-mail to:

pbonilla100@gmail.com or amanda.stroberg@gmail.com

This Merit Badge Clinic is being hosted by Boy Scout Troop 1194 and First United Methodist Church.

We are guests of First United Methodist Church. Please remember a Scout is clean and reverent, please no littering and be respectful of church property.

Check our facebook page for updates



Event Description

Please register in advance. Please no walk ins!  No refunds.  Please read all to the bottom-it contains important payment information.  

For new user (Adult only) To register:

1. Select "Enter Registration System".

Then select “Register New User” link at the top of the page. 

2. Fill in the State, Council, District, Unit Type, and Unit Number for your Unit. If your unit number is not already listed, enter it in the space provided and click “Add”.

For  Council: select San Diego-Imperial, NOT SAN DIEGO-IMPERIAL COUNCIL (with all caps)

All other San Diego districts should be there

3. Enter your personal information. If you are a unit leader or parent, jump to the bottom of the page and click “Add User”. If you are a Merit Badge Counselor, please fill in the associated fields, select “Register as a Merit Badge Counselor”, and click “Add User”

To sign up your scout(s).  It is suggested to have One Leader coordinate unit signups.

1. Click “Sign On”; enter email address and password.

2. If you are not taken to the Upcoming Events Page, click the Events tab at the top of the page.

3. Scroll down to date 3-14-2020.  For a list of all the merit badges being offered, sessions available, prerequisites, and number of seats open click on Troop 1194 Merit Badge Day (you cannot sign up for the classes from this page)

4. From the Events page, click on the “Sign Up” link on the line for Troop 1194 Merit Badge Day (very right side of the page).

5. Enter the information for each scout (name, age, guardian phone number, guardian email, session  (AM or PM or All Day), and requested badge. Click “Add” located right under the session block. If signing up a scout for more than one badge, ensure the name and guardian email are entered identically or the system will see it as a different participant and a second event fee will be added.

6. Note: at least one adult listed at the bottom of the page under Unit Leader Roster must be listed as attending event (choose select/unselect to change attendance event status).

7. Log out and send payment and permission form as directed below.


We will begin check in at 7:45 am and will assemble at 8:20 for welcome and opening ceremony. The merit badge counselors will take the Scouts from the opening assembly to their respective classes.

Bring a Blue Card signed by your Scoutmaster for your course. 

Merit Badges:

Download worksheets from http://meritbadge.org

Merit badges offerings may be subject to change based on attendance and availability of merit badge counselors. Merit badge counselors will need a student e-mail and phone information for coordination. Please provide that information when registering. Cost will be $40 and includes lunch.  Additional lunches may be purchased for $5.  There may be additional costs depending on which class you take. Please check with Merit Badge Counselor for any additional cost.

Once you are registered for the class please click on the Merit Badge Counselor's name to see if there are any instructions about the class.



The BSA Class A is the uniform of the day. 


Snacks and drinks can be purchased at the event. 

Lunch will be included in registration fee. Lunch will consist of a sandwich or pizza, chips and a drink. 

Merit Badge Clinic Schedule

7:30  am Set-up at the Church

7:45  am Registration Opens

8:20  am Flag Ceremony

8:30  am Classes Start

11:30 pm Lunch Break (Fellowship Hall)

12:15 pm Break Over.  Afternoon classes start

3:15  pm Clinic Over and Clean UP

Be sure your attendance is recorded and your blue card has been signed before leaving class.

Additional Information for Each Class:

Your Merit Badge Counselor may post additional information about your class under his name which is listed to the right of your class. Click on his name and it will take you to any additional information that the Merit Badge Counselor may wish you to know.



Counselor Information

Lunch provided to the MB counselor

Counselor's will record each completed advancement on the provided list and on the individual's Blue Card.

Make sure that all blue cards are signed off for the completed items prior to dismissing

the class. Please update the class roster at the end of class with the results for each scout in the class. Record attendance and which requirements were completed and return to Merit Badge Clinic Coordinator (Jesus Plasencia or Amanda Stroberg)

All Patricipants will assemble during Opening Ceremony and Merit Badge Counselors will take scouts to their class.

Counselors need to wear Class A uniforms if they own them.

Unit Sign-up Instructions

Download the Permission Form from:    


Please have one individual for your unit coordinate sign up and be responsible for payment to Troop 1194.

Rules for Participation:

1. Please provide your two deep leadership and any other leadership you need for your troop. This will help us with crowd control, as well as insure quality of results at the clinic. 

2. Please make sure your scouts have their signed blue cards.

3. Scouts must behave in a Scout-like manner.

Note: The Unit adults are responsible for the scouts who attend.


 Scouts are strongly encouraged to read the Merit Badge Pamphlet and finish all pre-requisites before attending the clinic. Also the scouts should bring any needed materials including a merit badge worksheet, pen or pencil and scout book if needed

Unit Payment Instructions

This year you can use credit card and pay online. 

If you to choose to pay by check, please make checks out to Troop 1194 and mail to:

Amanda Stroberg

1120 Eastlake Parkway

Chula Vista, CA 91915