Event Details

Open Water Scuba Diving Certification and Scuba Merit Badge

4903 Queensbury Way E, Colleyville, TX 76034

Merit Badge
6:00 PM
5:00 PM
0 (# badges a single scout can attend)
$360.00 (Cost to attend this event)
any scout who wants to attend (Who is invited)

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Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Dr Christopher DeClerk SPHR, CCP, CBP (chrisdec@twc.com), the Event Manager

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Sponsor Information

OCD Divers is owned by Dr. Christopher DeClerk. If you are a BSA Scout, Adult Leader, or parent looking for a private class for your scout(s), leaders, and family members, you've come to the right place. Besides teaching Scuba diving, Dr. DeClerk is a Scoutmaster, Wood Badge Trained, Certified in Wilderness First Aid, a member of the Order of the Arrow, a District Committee Member, and a Merit Badge Counselor for the Longhorn Council.

Event Description

We are offering an Open Water Scuba Certification Class and the Scuba Merit Badge alongside it.  Click here to visit the event's website. Maximum class size: eight, with no more than two under aged 10 or 11. 

To earn the Scuba Merit badge, one must be certified as an Open Water Diver. In the spirit of scouting, the Scuba Merit Badge class is offered at no additional charge alongside the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver course. Anyone participating must be able to swim 200 yards and tread/float for 10 minutes. The first Scuba Merit Badge requirement is that scouts already have their Swimming Merit Badge. Click here for the full list of the Scuba Merit Badge requirements. If a Scout is already certified as an Open Water Diver from PADI or another BSA approved agency, we can work with them to complete this badge at no charge too.

The BSA Scouts private group pricing for this OCD Divers Open Water Scuba Diver class is as follows: $360 each for the books/classroom model ($400 less 10%) or $450 each for the e-learning version ($500 less 10%). Students must provide their own mask, fins, and snorkels. Scuba park entry fees and tank/weight rental is not included in the course cost. 

If you have questions or have seen enough to set-up a troop meeting, discover experience, or Open Water Diver / Scuba Merit Badge class, click here to contact us or click here for full details about how Open Water Diver classes work.

BSA Youth Protection Note: Because we are focused on safety and evaluating divers, we cannot provide shore supervision or two-deep leadership for YPT purposes. We recommend scouts and parents take their class together. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or your troop's provided two-deep leadership while diving, on shore, or for any camping activities. 

Counselor Information

Unit Sign-up Instructions

Please visit the event web page here and contact-us to register.   Any questions? Christopher's cell is 603-727-6205 and you may also email at instructor@ocddivers.com.

Please note that there is an independent study portion that must be completed prior to the 10th. Therefore, Signup deadline for book learning is September 6. Signup deadline for eLearning (additional $90 fee) is September 9.

If these dates are not good for you, we can work on building a custom program for your Troop or family. 

Unit Payment Instructions

The cost for this course is $360 for Scouts, Scout Leaders, parents, and siblings. Because it is a group class, we are offering our lowest tier of pricing and a 10% BSA discount. e-Learning is available for an additional $90 per person. We have to get some details from you to enroll you in a Scuba class. Once we have that, we will email an invoice that can be paid online.