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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Troop 457 MBC - Cordova, TN
Location 8250 Varnavas Drive, Cordova, Tn 38016  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
2/25/2017 07:45 AM 3/10/2017 4:00 PM
Open for Registration Last day to Register
12/19/2016   3/10/2017
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
2 $25.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Chickasaw Eastern Troop 457

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Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still ahve questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Renee Dominguez (, the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
Art AMB116Read and Bring MB book102213 Not Known Not Known
Automotive Maintenance PM Read & bring book, work pages, dress for outside10100 Not Known Not Known
Automotive Maintenance AM Read & bring book, work pages, dress for outside10100 Not Known Not Known
Aviation AMB216Read and bring book. Complete #4 before class.10204 Not Known Not Known
Camping* PMA105Read & Bring Book and BSA Handbook, 10203 Not Known Not Known
Camping* AMA105Read & Bring Book and BSA Handbook,10205 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Community* AMA109Read & Bring Book10263 Anonymous Not Known
Citizenship in the Community* PMA109Read & Bring Book10261 Anonymous Not Known
Citizenship in the Nation* PMA1072,3,812282 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Nation* AMA1072,3,812251 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the World* PMA106Bring 3A,4B & Two of 7A,7B,7C OR 7E13253 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the World* AMA106Bring 3A,4B & Two of 7A,7B,7C OR 7E13254 Not Known Not Known
Communication* PMA103NUMBER 7 & 813255 Not Known Not Known
Communication* AMA103NUMBER 7 & 813253 Not Known Not Known
Composite Materials AMB216Read & Bring Book11155 Not Known Not Known
Cooking* All DayA108 12207 Not Known Not Known
Crime Prevention AM Fingerprinting will also be covered in this class10203 Not Known Not Known
Digital Technology PM cyber chip will not be covered11203 Not Known Not Known
Electricity AMA207 #2 and bring to class, read and bring book14146 Not Known Not Known
Electronics PMB216Read and bring book. 13$10150 Not Known Not Known
Emergency Preparedness* PMA213Please see registration page.12259 Not Known Not Known
Family Life* AM Read and Bring MB book, will NOT complete in class14205 Not Known Not Known
First Aid* All DayA111#1, 2d, may bring pic or documentation11161 Not Known Not Known
FOOD LunchCafeteria 0$107563 Anonymous Not Known
Law PM #4(talk to 5 people), 5 & 912157 Not Known Not Known
Law AM #4(talk to 5 people), 5 & 912154 Not Known Not Known
Leatherwork AMB219Read and do requirements10$5130 Not Known Not Known
Leatherwork PMB219Read and do requirements10$5152 Not Known Not Known
Nuclear Science PMA110Read & Bring Book10210 Not Known Not Known
Personal Fitness* AMA211#1a,b, Read & bring book, print & bring workbook13204 Not Known Not Known
Personal Management* ALL DAYA1041B2,2A,2B,8C & 8D12256 Not Known Not Known
Plant Science AMB218Dress for Outdoors-Hort Opt A&E not covered 101510 Not Known Not Known
Reptile and Amphibian Study PM Read and bring book. 10158 Not Known Not Known
Weather PM  12154 Not Known Not Known
Welding PM2574 Lindawood Cove, Memphis TN 38118Read and bring book. 14109 Not Known Not Known
Welding AM2574 Lindawood Cove, Memphis TN 38118Read and bring book. 14107 Not Known Not Known
Sponsor Information

February 25, 2017

Registration:  December 19, 2016 - February 19, 2017


Troop 457 Merit Badge College

St Benedict of Auburndale High School

8250 Varnavas Drive

Cordova, TN  38016

DirectionsSt. Benedict   

Start and end times

  • Registration starts at 7:15 am in the lobby at St. Benedict of Auburndale High School.  Signs will be posted outside directing you to the main door.

  • Flag ceremony begins at 7:45 am - 7:55 am

  • AM class begins at 8:00 am and end at 11:30 am   

  • Lunch 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

  • Awards 12:25 pm

  • PM class begins at 12:30 - 4:00 pm 


  • Scouts - Lunch will be provided to all registered Scouts as it's included in the $25 fee.  Please let us know in advance if there are special dietary restrictions.  

  • Adults - we offer lunch to adults for $10.  To register ahead of time, you can follow the same process as registering a Scout for a class, however, select the Session - Lunch.  The system will add you to our lunch list and $10 fee.  


  • 3 different ways to win:  

    • 1 - the troop with the most Scouts in attendance

    • 2 - the troop that traveled the farthest

    • 3 - the scout with the most merit badges.  Scouts need to bring their sash and check in at the table in the lobby marked Contest)


  • Class A uniforms are the official uniform for the day

Emergency Preparedness Requirements

  • All scouts must present written proof of completed First Aid Merit Badge.  No exceptions!

  • Recommended worksheet

  • Not all prerequisites will be completed in class.  If you wish get this MB signed off on you must bring proof of completion for the following items.

  • 2B Must have completed prior to class.  Written.  COMPLETE.  Not done in class

  • 7A Written proof of completion.  Pictures, dates, who ran it, your part in the exercise, etc.

  • 7B Must have completed prior to class, bring in written copy.  Sample plan 

  • 8B Bring emergency pack to class.

  • 9A, B, C . Bring written plan to class.  Must be written and complete for any ONE of the 9A, 9B or 9C requirements.  Use the checklist at the top.

Directions to Welding which is offsite at Ironwokers Local 167 Union Apprentice Hall 

Troops with scouts taking the welding MB are responsible for providing transportation to the site and back to the MBC.  Those scouts taking the class in the AM will have lunch delivered to the welding site.

Counselor Information
Unit Sign-up Instructions

Please direct all questions to Troop 457 at

After February 19, Online Registration will Close!  

We welcome Walk-in registration the day of the MBC.  This is on a first come first serve basis so be there early - 7:00 a.m. 



Payment Instructions for the Unit

  • Checks:  Please mail one check for your troop payable to:  Troop 457.  Please mail check to Frank Stuppy at 4491 Granite Cove, Arlington, TN  38002

  • Paypal:  The link is set up as a "Donation" button.  Enter the dollar amount of the payment and proceed with checkout.  Please enter your Troop number in the comment field.  Also provide the scout name for individual registrations or charter organization for Troop Registrations.


    If you have any questions, please contact me.  Thank you for registering for Troop 457's Merit Badge College on Saturday, February 25th.  We look forward to seeing your scout(s) there.




    Frank Stuppy

    (901) 484-2197


Directions to the Event

Hotel recommendations - Holiday Garden Inn - Cordova 
Release Information
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