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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Merit Badge University at the University of Iowa
Location 16 N Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA 52242  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
3/7/2020 8:30 3/7/2020 4:00
Open for Registration Last day to Register
1/25/2020   2/29/2020
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
0 $0.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Mr Collin Sindt (, the Event Manager

--- ---
Click the column header to sort by that column
ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
Art 0SH 3 10$12207 Mr Collin Sindt
Aviation 0MLH 105 10$12150 Mr Collin Sindt
Chemistry 1MH 27 10$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Chemistry 2MH 27 10$12207 Mr Collin Sindt
Chess 0SH 131Know how to play and read MB pamphlet10$122013 Mr Collin Sindt
Citizenship in the Nation* 0SH 15310$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Citizenship in the Nation* 0SH 60310$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Citizenship in the Nation* 0SH 40310$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Citizenship in the World* 0SH 22310$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Citizenship in the World* 0SH 51310$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Citizenship in the World* 0SH 150310$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
COM Commissioner Basic Training 1MLH 214ADULT182020 Mr Jay Lash
Emergency Preparedness* 0SH 316c, 7a, 8b10$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Energy 1MH 1184, 610$122012 Mr Collin Sindt
Energy 2MH 1184, 610$122016 Mr Collin Sindt
Engineering 0SH 74 10$12202 Mr Collin Sindt
Environmental Science* 0SH 61 10$12200 Mr Collin Sindt
Fingerprinting 1MH 132 10$122020 Mr Collin Sindt
Fingerprinting 2MH 132 10$12201 Mr Collin Sindt
First Aid* 0MLH 110 10$12201 Mr Collin Sindt
First Aid* 0MLH 118 10$12201 Mr Collin Sindt
GEN Advanced Camping Skills 1MLH 217ADULT - Dillons Furrow Course, See Description182014 Mr Jay Lash
GEN Including Scouts with Disabilities 1MLH 218ADULT182020 Mr Jay Lash
Law 0SH 66410$122013 Mr Collin Sindt
Model Design and Building 1MH 116610$15209 Mr Collin Sindt
Music 0SH 1513b10$12201 Mr Collin Sindt
Personal Management* 0SH 1401, 2, 8bc, 1010$122011 Mr Collin Sindt
Personal Management* 0SH 141, 2, 8bc, 1010$12201 Mr Collin Sindt
Public Health 0MLH 113 10$122012 Mr Collin Sindt
Radio 0MLH 205 10$12209 Mr Collin Sindt
Railroading 2MH 1162a, 810$122017 Mr Collin Sindt
Search and Rescue 1MH 112 10$12203 Mr Collin Sindt
Search and Rescue 2MH 112 10$12204 Mr Collin Sindt
Space Exploration 0SH 71Launch a Rocket10$12204 Mr Collin Sindt
Theater 0MLH 210210$12207 Mr Collin Sindt
Traffic Safety 0MLH 213 10$122018 Mr Collin Sindt
Sponsor Information

Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed service fraternity founded in 1925 on the principles of Scouting. Keeping with our Scouting heritage and spirit of service, the chapter hosts youth achievement days every year. We hope to continue these traditions and bring more university resources together. At each of our workshops, boys will try and complete as many requirements for their badge of choice as possible during the allotted time, while still giving each requirement the time it deserves.

As in the past, we will also be offering free adult training.


The Hawkeye Area Council - Leader Education And Development team is offering a variety of adult leader educational sessions during this event.  This is an opportunity to learn something new that will improve your unit - and, it doesn’t cost you any extra time or money since you will be here for your Scouts anyway.

Order: Class topic, Class instructor, Registration title

Morning sessions:

Dillons Furrow - Kieran Leopold

Kieran will discuss his research of the old military highway here in Iowa and will present the hiking guide that he created for a multi-day Scouting adventure which follows the highway. For this course, please sign up under the advanced camping course option.

Helping Scouts with special needs - Charity Stoffer & Kris Kenny

Charity and Kris are passionate about helping young people with special needs have a full Scouting experience.  They will share information about some of the tools and techniques they have found helpful for the youth, the family and the unit

Commissioner Basics, Bruce Dolde

This is basic training for new commissioners - Unit Commissioners, Roundtable Commissioners, Administrative Commissioners

Afternoon Sessions:


Please register adults for sessions just as you would register Scouts. Sessions are identified as "ADULT" under prerequisites.

Registration fee is $12.00 per Scout per class and the deadline to register is February 29rd. e.g. If a student takes Energy in the morning, and chemistry in the afternoon, that is a total of $24. If a student just takes a whole day class, like First Aid, that only costs $12. Sessions are marked on the event as 0 for all day, 1 for morning, and 2 for the afternoon.

This year, the option is available to make payments for this event online. Please see the section on payment instructions for further information on this. While the option to submit payment for event registration is available online, the option to submit payment via mail in check is also available, with more information provided below.



A brother of Alpha Phi Omega or a community member will be teaching each badge. APO will also be providing the blue cards for each workshop. Merit Badge University will be held on Saturday, March 7th.

The day will go as follows:

8:30-9:00 AM Registration

9 AM – 12 Scout Classes 

12 noon – 1 PM Lunch**

1 PM – 4 PM Scout Class

**PLEASE NOTE: Scouts are responsible for lunch on their own, and will be released directly from class. Please make appropriate arrangements for meeting as a troop in advance. A list of area eating establishments will be made available when you check-in at the event. There will also be facilities available to sit and eat if your troop chooses to bring lunch, but there is to be no food or drink in the University buildings. If your troop will be traveling to Iowa City the night before or staying the night after and would like a recommendation for a hotel, please contact us. 

Counselor Information
Unit Sign-up Instructions

In order to sign up for our event you first need to click on enter registration system, by clicking on that a new page will appear that will show all of the events that are available. In the upper right hand of the new page there is the option to register new users. If you are new to the website you must sign up as a troop leader, in order to register your scouts. Once you are registered in the system you can sign up for the event. The event is entitled MBU at the University of Iowa.

In addition to filling out your information here, please follow the link attached below to the page for this event. This page is what the University of Iowa allows for its student organizations to use to collect payments online. Please follow the link below and fill out the form with identical registration information indicated on this form. This is how we will be tracking payments for the event.


If you have any questions on the form, please email Collin Sindt at



Payment Instructions for the Unit

Registration fee is $12.00 per scout per class and the deadline is February 29th. e.g. If a student takes Energy in the morning, and Chemistry in the afternoon, that is a total of $24. If a student just takes a whole day class, like First Aid, that only costs $12. Sessions are marked on the event as 0 for all day, 1 for morning, and 2 for the afternoon. The fee includes all supplies needed for the classes and a participation patch for each Scout. Registrations after February 29rth will inquire a $5 late fee for a total of $17 per class.

Please note that the Model Design and Building badge has an additional cost of $3 per scout to cover the additional material costs required for the badge.

We have been fortunate to not have to change prices for this event for the last 10 years, but unfortunately the time has come to increase our registration fee. This will allow us to continue to provide the same quality of event content for scouts, and ensure that we are able to provide the same level of campership opportunities to scouts that we have in previous years with the proceeds from the event. 

If your prefered method of payment is via mail in check:

Make checks payable to: Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Chapter.


Even though registration for classes is done via, all registrees must also proceed to the link and complete the corresponding form. This is how APO Omicron will be tracking payments for the event this year. This is where you will have the option to complete your payment online, however if you prefer to mail in a check please still fill out the corresponding information on how many scouts you are registering and the corresponding check amount we will receive. We will then cross reference this with the registration information on

Please send the payment to:

Hunter Foubert, APO Omicron VP of Finance

307 South Linn Street, Apt 306

Iowa City, Iowa 52240

**Check still MUST be made out to Alpha Phi Omega, Omicron Chapter

Directions to the Event
Release Information
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