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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Troop/Pack 18 Merit Badge Conference @ Shawnee Heights High School
Location 4201 SE Shawnee Heights Rd, Tecumseh, Ks 66542  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
8/17/2019 730 8/17/2019 400
Open for Registration Last day to Register
7/1/2019   8/13/2019
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
2 $30.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Jayhawk Area Shawnee Troop/Pack 18

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still ahve questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Jeanice Brown (, the Event Manager

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Click the column header to sort by that column
ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
Aviation ALL DAYWill go OFF SITE3&1a-e,ready to discuss101212 Jeanice Brown
BOS Ldr Roundtables AMlunchroom ?District 3 Ed Eller/Katie Dalton Jayhawk Council115050 Mr Ed Eller
Campsite Fri PM, TUMC,see info on site $1.00 per Scout , BSA rules apply9$1250250 Rhonda Boyd
Chemistry AM none112121 Jack Figgs
Chess PM 3112020 Jeanice Brown
Citizenship in the Community* AM READ BOOK,3ab,4ab,7,8102020 Rob Daniels
Citizenship in the Nation* AM 2,3,8 READ BOOK & Bring Worksheets102020 Jeanice Brown
Citizenship in the Nation* PM 2,3,8 READ BOOK & Bring Worksheets102020 Jeanice Brown
Citizenship in the World* AM 3,4,7 READ BOOK & Bring Worksheets102020 Jeanice Brown
Citizenship in the World* PM 3,4,7 READ BOOK & Bring Worksheets102020 Jeanice Brown
Coin Collecting AM w/Stamp Collecting Read books,Coin-6,7,9 Stamp-6a,7,81100 Mr justin kebert
Communication* PM 1ab,5,6,bring items to teach skill,7,8111515 Anonymous
Communication* PM 1ab,5,6,bring items to teach skill,7,8112020 Mr Ed Eller
Cooking* All day, at churchOutside OFF SITE4ace,5abde,6abde 102020 Jeanice Brown
Cycling* ALL Day by Chris Wagner unknown... watch for updates1066 Jeanice Brown
Disabilities Awareness AM 2,5c111010 Anonymous
Dog Care AM 4,8 no dog allergy111515 Pam Cross
Electricity with Painting & Home RepairOff SiteFOR Electricity: 2,8,m bring worksheets1100 Jeanice Brown
Emergency Preparedness* PM See link here in conf. info pages101616 Mr Richard Meiners
Emergency Preparedness* AM See link here in conf. info pages101515 Mr Richard Meiners
Engineering PM 2,3,9112020 Mr David Schwartz
Entrepreneurship AM none111313 Jeanice Brown
Environmental Science* AM 3efg112020 Jeanice Brown
Event Patch extra only Scout will receive one, extras $2 at registration10$2100100 Jeanice Brown
Family Life* AM 3,4,5,6b,bring pics/proof of completion131515 Rhonda Boyd
Family Life* PM 3,4,5,6b, bring pics/proof of completion112020 Chris Wagner
Fire Safety PMWill go OFF SITE6,7b,9b,10b,10c 101010 Mr Richard Watson
First Aid* AM 1,bring first aid kit, Read Book102020 Jeanice Brown
First Aid* PM 1,bring first aid kit, Read Book102020 Jeanice Brown
FOOD Adult or extra lunch at SHHS INCLUDED FOR SCOUT,sub sand, chips, cookie & drink10$5200200 Jeanice Brown
FOOD 1 At Church w/cookingTUMCAdult lunch will not be sold on day of event18$51010 Jeanice Brown
Game Design PM 5,8b112020 Mr justin kebert
Geocaching AMWill go OFF SITEJeans & closed toe shoes; 7, 91155 Mr Kevin Litscher
Geocaching PMWill go OFF SITEJeans & closed toe shoes; 7, 91155 Mr Kevin Litscher
Geology PM do 5a5 PRIOR, ready to discuss112020 Jeanice Brown
Golf All day, offsiteOff Siteconditional finish,novice only, BRING CLUBS1188 Hank Miller
Hiking* AMwill go OFF SITEparts of 4,5,6,going on a 5 mile hike112020 Joe Steffen
Home Repairs All day, at churchOutside OFF SITEw/Painting+Elec. FOR HomeRep NO prereqs >3 badges 101616 Jeanice Brown
Model Design and Building AM 3,4101515 Jeanice Brown
Moviemaking PM bring phone or camcorder102020 Mr Martin Johnston
Moviemaking AM bring phone or camcorder102020 Mr Martin Johnston
Painting w/Home Repairs & ElectricityOutside OFF SITEFor Painting no prereqs1100 Jeanice Brown
Personal Management* AM 1,2,8,9,10102020 Rick Peat
Pets lunchtimeLobby/Lunchroomsignoff@lunch,no need to register,bring paperwork1000 Jeanice Brown
Photography PM  1b & 7abc-Bring digital camera+cable101515 Rob Daniels
Reptile and Amphibian Study PM w/Vet Med Rep-1,8,9, Vet-6111515 Pam Cross
Scholarship lunchtimeLobby/Lunchroomsign off@lunch,no need to register,bring paperwork1000 Jeanice Brown
Search and Rescue All day, at churchwill go off sitenone. no dog alergy111616 Jeanice Brown
Signs, Signals, and Codes PM 10, $5 for MB book11$52020 Quinn Hancock
Stamp Collecting AM w/Coin collecting Stamp-6a,7,8 Coin-6,7,9 read book111515 Mr justin kebert
STEM/NOVA - Start Your Engines! AM See info link here in conference page10$61515 Mr justin kebert
Sustainability* lucnh time signoff bring all items1100 Jeanice Brown
Sustainability* PM 2,4,5a112020 Jack Figgs
Traffic Safety AM 1,5102020 Mr David Schwartz
Veterinary Medicine PM w/ Reptile & Amphibians Rep-1,8,9, Vet-61100 Pam Cross
Weather AMwill go off sitepart of 2, 10111515 Jeanice Brown
Sponsor Information

   Troop/Pack 18 are proud to offer this Merit Badge opportunity, AGAIN!! 

Several class times are offering multiple Merit Badges.  LUNCH time signoffs available. Camping Friday Night too! 

Scouts, be prepared for your classes!

Read notes and follow directions from your instructors under prerequisites. 

Many instructors are now listed within the registery. 

Look for further class notes and information about them by clicking on their name. 

List a GOOD email at registration as some instructors may wish to contact with specific information prior to conference!



Schedule:  If you attended in the past make note of the schedule changes for registration.

7:30 am   Unit check-in begins                                     12:00 noon   Lunch

8:30 am   Flag ceremony                                              1:00 pm    afternoon classes begin

9:00 am   Morning classes begin

Note: There will not be a closing ceremony and you are free to leave after classes have dismissed.  Scouts with all day classes at TUMC will need to be picked up at TUMC.

Scouts participating in Golf may also need to be picked up at days end. Please listen for announcements at opening Aug 17.

General information

   *Each Troop should plan on having leaders on site all day and provide us with their cell phone number 

   *Lunch is included in the registration fee, and adult lunch is available for $5  

 *Snack bar during conference supports PACK 18.

   *Scouts should wear their Class "A" uniform, unless the class they are taking requires other (ie hiking, cooking, etc)

   *Food and drink are not allowed in the classrooms.   

   *Use of electronic devices will not be tolerated during classroom instruction unless part of the class.

   *Scouts should come ready to learn.  MB Books, Pencil and paper in hand and any pre-reqs completed.  Bring worksheets if necessary.

Several Instructors have requested scouts bring an Electronic Device that can be used to search the web via the wifi provided. 

The class prerequisite section will tell about each class.

   *Some Merit Badge will need outside work to complete them, some may not be completed this day. 

Be prepared to show your counselor proof of outside work.

Back by popular DEMAND!  Emergency Preparedness: Zombie Outbreak

New this year  NOVA STEM  Start your Engines!

Leadership learning oppertunity!!! Jayhawk Area Council will host Round Table discussions dealing with District changes, call Katy at Jayhawk Council for info.


We are interested in scouts showing off during lunch.

If your troop has an interest in having a lunchtime display

to show where they have been, a project they have done,

wish to advertize a fundraiser or service that other scouts might be interested in, 

even if they have created something and wish to sell NON FOOD ITEMS,

we are very interested.  (AT NO COST TO YOUR TROOP!!)

Please email Rhonda at      about your ideas!     Lets CHAT!!!

Counselor Information
We are very happy you are here! Thank you for participating in our conference.

Please remember to involve the adults in your room as needed and ask for assistance with

paperwork from the appointed volunteer in your room representing Troop/Pack 18. 

We take pride in this well run conference and the hand picked, knowledgeable and

professional instructors.     

We hope you have a wonderful experience today.  If you have ANY problems or concerns we want your feedback.

Please inform the Conference staff at the registration table or email me at

Thanks Jessica Christie

Unit Sign-up Instructions

Friday night Camping at Tecumseh United Methodist Church:

Must register.  LIMITED spots available, $1 fee per Scout. 

Classes are designated as AM, PM, or all day.  Please do not register a Scout for 2 AM, or 2 PM classes.

Scouts can be scheduled for a maximum of 1 AM & 1 PM class, or 1 all day.


**Sustainability, Pets and Scholarship Merit Badge sign off during lunch.  (no extra charge!!)  Bring completed worksheets and ALL supporting documentation.  


Payment Instructions for the Unit

Registration fee for the conference is $30 per Scout.  

At the High School location this includes lunch, (cold sack lunch and a bottle of water)

Snack Bar on-site

At the TUMC location this includes lunch cooked by the scouts in Cooking MB. 

Adult or extra lunch is $5, sign up w/classes.

A Limited number of additional TUMC lunches will be sold specifically for this location.   

Fees need to be prepaid as classes fill up quickly and this will expedite check-in. 

Fees for full classes that are not paid by Aug 1st may loose their spot in the class.

Please note your Troop # on your payment, thanks!

Snack bar available on site.

We hope that other Troops will be selling non food items also.


Make checks payable to "Troop 18"   Mail payment to: Troop18   PO Box 24       Tecumseh, Ks 66542

Questions? call Jeanice 785-249-4521   or email   

Directions to the Event

Conference at Shawnee Heights High School:

Shawnee Heights is located between Topeka and Lawrence Kansas. The Campus is just north from the corner of Shawnee Heights Rd & 45th Street. The High School Building is West (behind) of the Football Stadium.  4401 S.E. SHAWNEE HEIGHTS RD | TECUMSEH, KS 

Troop Camping Tecumseh UM Church in Tecumseh, KS:

Directions to Tecumseh United Methodist Church

From Topeka: From 6th St & SE Croco Rd corner. Travel East to SE Tecumseh Rd. Turn North onto SE Tecumseh Rd and proceed until TUMC appears on your Right 

From Lawrence: Take Hwy 40 West (also known as 6th St) to SE Tecumseh Rd. Turn North onto SE Tecumseh Rd. and proceed until TUMC appears on your Right 


Release Information
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