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Jamie Leonard, A fellow scouter in Oskaloosa Iowa and David Landriam-Shrewsbury from NE Georgia introduced us to the Chief Scout Executive who then introduced us to Vijay Challa and Norbert Harasimiuk, the BSA National IT team.  We met with Vijay and Norbert Friday Jan 10th and had a highly rewarding discussion.  Thanks to everyone involved, we will not be shutting down  If you know Jamie or David, thank them for leading the charge to make this happen.  

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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic @ Georgia Tech
Location 901 Atlantic Drive NW, Atlanta GA 30332  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
10/19/2019 10:30 A.M 10/19/2019 3:00 P.M
Open for Registration Last day to Register
9/23/2019   10/18/2019
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
1 $15.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Atlanta Area North Atlanta Troop

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Mr Paxton Threatt (, the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
Chemistry 1  106041 Anonymous
Sponsor Information

Welcome Scouts and Parents!

*This event is FREE. However, we do require a $15 deposit, which will be returned upon attendance at the event*

*To sign up, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Sign Up My Unit"*



AT LEAST ONE PARENT MUST ACCOMPANY HIS OR HER SCOUT AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT THE EVENT. This is in complaince with Georgia Tech's new Youth Programs Policy which came into effect May 2017. The link to this policy can be found here

Sudents of the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at Georgia Tech are hosting a free Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic on Saturday, October 19, 2019*. All scouts are allowed, and there is NO restriction on council or district. There are NO prerequisites for scouts. There are only 60 slots available per clinic. Scouts need to bring 2 signed waiver forms (mandated by Georgia Tech), which can be found in the links below. They must be printed out and brought with you.

Please contact Joshua Qian ( or Tom Miller ( if you have any questions. 

*We will be requiring all Scouts to deposit $15 which will be returned upon arrival* 

This new policy is to ensure that scouts who have signed up for the event attend the event. In the past, many Scouts who have signed up did not show, making it unfair for others who wished to attend. We will be making exceptions to Scouts facing with extreme circumanstances and emergencies as long as proper documentation is provided. 


Our Merit Badge Clinic consists of a series of interactive lectures with demonstrations to teach the fundamentals of chemistry. These lectures will include topics such as chemical reactions, environmental science, and a tour of a functioning chemical lab right on campus. 

Registration for the event starts at 10:30 A.M at the Molecular Science and Engineering Building at Georgia Tech. Our sessions will begin at 11 A.M., and the clinic will last until around 3 P.M. Please see below for driving and parking instructions. 

There will be a short break for snacks provided only for the Scouts. Scouts should pack a lunch before coming to the event!


Notes about the Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic @ Georgia Tech: 


- The Clinic is hosted by Georgia Tech's School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

- The Clinic meets ALL requirements as set forth by BSA National to earn a Chemistry Merit Badge 

- There are NO prerequisites or pre-requirements for Scouts coming into the Merit Badge

- Scouts should have the following in their checklist of items for the event: 

 Lunch, Water Bottle (optional), two completed Waivers (found below), BLUE CARD for MERIT CLINIC,

Counselor Information
Unit Sign-up Instructions

Please click the link located below that says "Sign Up My Unit". 

Fill out all necessary information.  If you have any questions feel free to email or


Payment Instructions for the Unit
This clinic is free! Please send in a $15 deposit which will be returned to upon arrival at the event. Please refer to the policy above. 

By PayPal: 

Please send $15 to payment will be canceled upon attendance at the event, and you will be refunded the entire amount. In the payment description/note, please add the name of the Scout(s) for whom you are depositing. 

If the paypal option does not work for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to accomodate your needs! Likewise, if you need any assistance with this payment method, please contact us. 

Directions to the Event

Campus Map Link:

Classes will be held in the Molecular Science and Engineering Building at Georgia Tech:

Parking will be right next to the building, and our members will be holding signs to direct you towards parking and towards the building.

Address: 901 Atlantic Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30332

Building: Molecular Science and Engineering Building (MoSE) at Georgia Tech

North on I-75/I-85:

Take exit 250 (10th street/14th street).

Turn left at first light on 10th street.

Turn left on State Street at traffic light.

At stop sign, go straight. Signs for parking should be visible at this point.

South on I-75:

Take exit 250 (10th street/14th street/16th street).  Keep left towards 10th street.

Turn right on 10th street at stop sign.

Turn left on State Street at traffic light.

At stop sign, go straight. Signs for parking should be visible at this point.

South on I-85:

Take exit 84 (10th street/14th street/17th street). Keep left towards 10th street.

Turn right on 10th street at stop sign.

Turn left on State Street at traffic light.

At stop sign, go straight. Signs for parking should be visible at this point.

Release Information

Here are thse links to the two (2) required waivers. Please print out both forms, complete, and present upon arrival of the event. Please copy and paste the links below if need be:

Link to Waiver 1

Link to Waiver 2

Wavier 1:

Waiver 2:

Sign Up My Unit
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