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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title 10th Annual Merit Badge Mania 2020
Location 202 Summitt Drive, Sanford, NC 27330  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
1/17/2020 6 p.m. 1/18/2020 4 p.m.
Open for Registration Last day to Register
12/1/2019   1/13/2020
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
3 $0.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Occoneechee Dogwood Troop 941

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Lisa Poland (, the Event Manager

--- ---
Click the column header to sort by that column
ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine SAT AM and PM  10$14126 Tami Lynch
Animation SAT AM  10$7110 Mr Brad Johns
Aviation SAT AM and PM See event details10$14109 Lisa Poland
Basketry SAT AM and PM  10$2052 Jane Soule
BOS Life to Eagle SAT AM Adults/Life Scouts. See event details13$72524 Mrs Charlotte Johns
Camping* SAT AM and PM See event details, Includes lunch10$20103 Mr Michael Bottom
Citizenship in the Community* SAT AM and PM  10$14120 Mr Mark Meyer
Citizenship in the Nation* SAT AM and PM 2ad, 3, 610$14124 Mr Mark Meyer
Citizenship in the World* SAT AM and PM 3, 4c, 710$141410 Lisa Poland
Collections SAT AM 1, 810$7108 Lisa Poland
Communication* SAT AM and PM 4, 5 and 810$14111 Michael Noble
Cooking* SAT AM and PM Includes lunch12$27122 Mrs Charlotte Johns
Digital Technology SAT PM  10$7123 Mr Brad Johns
Electricity FRI PM  10$7120 Mr Peter Kubilius
Electronics FRI PM  10$7121 Mr Brad Johns
Family Life* SAT AM 4, 5abc10$7122 Mr Mark Meyer
Geology SAT AM  10$7159 Lisa Poland
Mining in Society SAT PM  10$71510 Lisa Poland
Music SAT AM See event details10$752 Tamara Lewis
Personal Management* SAT AM and PM 1ab, 2, 8abc10$14111 Dr Lauren McCormack PhD
Photography SAT PM And Moviemaking. See event details10$14100 Lisa Poland
Public Speaking SAT PM 410$774 Lisa Poland
Pulp and Paper FRI PM 7e, 810$12122 Lisa Poland
Salesmanship FRI PM 710$7100 Mrs Starlene Cooner
Sponsor Information

We will be offering 3 sessions, for a possible total of 3 merit badges for the weekend. 

Each class is $7 per 3 hour session.  $14 for 6 hour session.  


Times for Classes are:

Fri PM - 6pm-9pm

Sat AM - 9am-12pm

Sat PM - 1pm-4pm

All Scouts must bring to class the 4 following things:

  • Blue Card SIGNED by their Scoutmaster (one per merit badge)

  • Merit Badge Booklet Merit Badge Worksheet ( or there will be a charge to have a copy made onsite. 

  • Any Pre-requisite Work

  • The Full B.S.A. Class A uniform is the official uniform for the day. 

  • Salesmanship Badge will be offering a pizza lunch for a donation, so please bring money for lunch on Saturday. Also, they will be offering snacks Friday night and all day Satruday.  

  ****The Blue Cards will be updated with tasks completed in class and returned to the Scouts BEFORE they depart the classroom.  It is the responsibility of the Scout to request and obtain his Blue Card.

****Cyber Chip will be taught during lunch in the main room for any Scouts that need that.

PREREQUISITES: The Merit Badge Counselor will give credit for completed requirements ONLY. The Scout should complete all other requirements not covered in class, at his own pace and with his own troop counselors. Class work will be followed by individual Scout’s projects and his ability to fulfill all requirements.

*****Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine - These Merit Badges will be taught together over two sessions. There will be a tour to a local vet clinic, so some parents will need to help with transporatation

*******Camping- Scouts should review requirements # 1 and #2 (concerning safety/first aid/Leave No Trace and the Outdoor Code) to be ready to participate fully in the discussion on these topics. Requirements 4b, 9a, 9b, and 9c must be completed outside this class (counselor will except proof of requirement verified/signed in scout handbook). Includes lunch.

*****MUSIC: Bring worksheet.  Bring your instrument with you in playable condition (unless you play the piano/sing).

    *Be able to play "Amazing Grace" or "My Country 'Tis of Thee" on your instrument.  Bring your music with you.  (Both are available online as downloads.  Other songs available with counselor approval.)

    *Know the notes in at least one clef (bass, treble, alto, or tenor) and how to count rhythms using at least quarter notes and eighth notes.   

    *Requirement 3b. Interview an adult member of your family about music. Find out what the most popular music was when he or she was your age. Find out what his or her favorite music is now, and listen to three favorite tunes with him or her. How do those favorites sound to you? Had you ever heard any of them? Play three of your favorite songs for your relative, and explain why you like these songs. Ask what he or she thinks of your favorite music.  

    *Requirement 3c. Serve for six months as a member of a school band, choir, or other local musical group; or perform as a soloist in public six times.(You can use Requirement 3a and/or 3d of the music merit badge instead with counselor's permission.)

********LIFE TO EAGLE Saturday AM -  Charlotte Johns, Eagle Scout mentor and mother of two Eagle Scouts, will give a class for Life Scouts, parents and scout leaders about how to successfully navigate the road to Eagle Scout. She will teach you how to plan the entire process from the paperwork to turning in your final packet. 

*****Photography/Moviemaking - This year we are combining the Photography and Moviemaking merit badges into one class. Bring a camera to class that has video capability, such as your cell phone. Bring both worksheets. Do Photography #7 and 8, and Moviemaking #4, start thinking about #2.

  Only put out what you want to trade
  Fair trades - Handshake seals the deal
  Give tips to younger scouts (remember when you first started)
  No adults in kids patch trading area
  If an argument arises you will be asked to leave
  If asked to leave, you must leave.

RULES FOR PARTICIPATION: 1. Each unit must provide one adult for every 4 boys who participate. This will help us with crowd control, as well as insure quality of results within the classroom environment. 

2. Scouts must behave in a Scout-like manner. Disruptive youth will be removed from the group and either spend the remainder of the day with their Scoutmaster or be picked up by their parent/guardian. 

Note: The Unit adults are responsible for the scouts who attend. 


The Merit Badge Clinic will reserve the right to limit or cancel any class. Merit Badges to be offered are subject to change based on MB Counselor availability and class minimums. 


Scouts are admitted to classes on a first come, first served basis via the online registration system. There is no waiting list for any of the merit badges classes. Should you encounter booked classes, please monitor this website in case seats become available.


Scouts must finish and bring documentation for all pre-requisites before attending the Merit Badge Clinic.


The Full B.S.A. Class A uniform is the official uniform for the day. The merit badge sash may also be worn. 


The Scout Oath, the Law, and the Outdoor Code shall be the code of the Merit Badge Day. A Scout whose conduct is not consistent with the code will be directed to leave the grounds immediately. Adequate supervision must be provided by each participating unit. Discipline is the responsibility of the Scoutmaster or other assigned leaders in charge of the troop.


On Saturday, two MB clinics are offered (AM and PM) with a one hour break from 12-1pm.  No eating/drinking allowed in the classrooms.  Salesmanship Badge will be providing pizza lunch.  Donations accepted for lunch. 


The troop Leaders/parents must coordinate arrival and departure time for transportation. Troops need to make certain that they have adequate transportation for their Scouts. If traveling without a troop, please advise your parents to remain on site. Encourage everyone to carpool. Troops may not leave Scouts by themselves to be picked up by parents at a later time. We will not render sitting services.


The Scout is clean. Troop Leaders please coordinate with your troop to clean the premises and to keep the classrooms in the same condition as found. Future offerings of the Merit Badge Clinic will largely depend on how neat we leave the place. All garbage must be properly disposed into designated containers or carried out.

Counselor Information
Unit Sign-up Instructions
Sign up on this site.
Payment Instructions for the Unit
Pay when you check in at event.
Directions to the Event
From Raleigh: Take U.S. 1 S toward Sanford.  Take exit 69A for U.S. 421/North Carolina 87 S. Turn right onto  US-421 S/N Horner Blvd. Turn left onto Summit Dr

From Greensboro:  US-421 S to Sanford.  Take left onto Summit Dr. 

From Fayetteville:  NC-87 N to Sanford.  Turn right onto Summit Dr. 
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