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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title 2020 Tonkawa District Merit Badge College - Huffines Middle School
Location 1440 North Valley Parkway Lewisville, TX 75077  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
2/1/2020 8:00 3/7/2020 15:00
Open for Registration Last day to Register
1/17/2020   3/5/2020
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
4 $15.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Longhorn Tonkawa Troop

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still have questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Rudolph Kamman (, the Event Manager

--- ---
Click the column header to sort by that column
ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
American Cultures 1 (BOTH DATES)1145Read MB book before class10159 William Leitner
Animal Science 4 (BOTH DATES)1150 10156 Mrs Karrie Menz
Archaeology 4 (BOTH DATES)1115 101511 Mr Albert Clarke
Chemistry 3 (BOTH DATES)1325 10154 Rudolph Kamman
Chemistry 4 (BOTH DATES)1325 10154 Rudolph Kamman
Citizenship in the Community* 4 (BOTH DATES)1140 10150 Cameron Williams
Citizenship in the Nation* 3 (BOTH DATES)1150 10151 Dustin Holmes
Communication* 2 (BOTH DATES)1145PARTIAL10150 Mr Joseph Macy
Drafting 2 (BOTH DATES)1130Sketch Pad w/o lines&mechanical pencil w/ 2B lead10150 Jesse Ortiz
Emergency Preparedness* 3 (BOTH DATES)1140Requires First Aid MB for completion10100 James Donegan
Energy 3 (BOTH DATES)1125 10158 Mr Les Murray Tellabs Inc
Environmental Science* 1 (BOTH DATES)1150 10157 Mr Jim Cumbest
Family Life* 2 (BOTH DATES)1150 10150 Dustin Holmes
Fingerprinting 2/1 Date (Sessions 3&4)1145 101512 Jessica Gamez
Fingerprinting 3/7 Date (Sessions 1&2)1140 10159 Jessica Gamez
First Aid* Sessions 1&2 (BOTH DATES)1305 10151 John Quinlan
Game Design 1 (BOTH DATES)1240 10150 Mr Kip Twitchell
GEN Working with Youth 1 (BOTH DATES)Tall Tables CafePartials MB Workshop109992 Rudolph Kamman
GEN Working with Youth 2 (BOTH DATES)Tall Tables CafePartials MB Workshop109995 Rudolph Kamman
GEN Working with Youth 3 (BOTH DATES)Tall Tables CafePartials MB Workshop109996 Rudolph Kamman
GEN Working with Youth 4 (BOTH DATES)Tall Tables CafePartials MB Workshop109995 Rudolph Kamman
Genealogy 2/1 Date (Sessions 1&2)1155 10159 Cameron Williams
Genealogy 3/7 Date (Sessions 1&2)1110 10158 Cameron Williams
Journalism 3 (BOTH DATES)1155 10159 Mrs Yolanda Murray
Metalwork 2/1 Date (Sessions 1&2)1140Silversmith Option10$20157 Rudolph Kamman
Metalwork 3/7 Date (Sessions 3&4)1145Silversmith Option10$20155 Rudolph Kamman
Model Design and Building 3 (BOTH DATES)1115 10152 Mr Albert Clarke
Music 2/1 Date (Sessions 3&4)1215Bring your instrument - Can also earn Bugling10156 Margaret Richter
Music 3/7 Date (Sessions 1&2)1215Bring your instrument - Can also earn Bugling101512 Margaret Richter
Nuclear Science 4 (BOTH DATES)1125 10$5150 Mr Les Murray Tellabs Inc
Personal Fitness* Sessions 3&4 (BOTH DATES)Portable #10 10153 Karen Herring
Personal Management* Sessions 1&2 (BOTH DATES)1115 14150 Mr Martin Rice
Pets 3/7 Date LunchTall Tables CafeBring already completed workbooks for signoff10157 Mr Chris Blocher
Public Speaking 2/1 Date (Session 1)1110prepare & bring 3-min intro of yourself to class1085 Mr Scott Booth
Public Speaking 2/1 Date (Session 3)1110prepare & bring 3-min intro of yourself to class1086 Mr Scott Booth
Railroading 3/7 Date (Sessions 3&4)1240 100-2 Rudolph Kamman
Reading 3/7 Date (Sessions 3&4)1300 101510 Mr Chris Blocher
Safety 3/7 Date (Sessions 3&4)1120 1000 Mrs Lorraine Laut
Soil and Water Conservation 1 (BOTH DATES)1130 101510 Mr Lyle Grisso
Sports 3/7 Date (Sessions 1&2)Large Gym 10159 Mr Chris Blocher
Sponsor Information

This merit badge college event is sponsored by the Tonkawa District Advancement Committee.


FLAG Ceremony @ 8:15 both Saturdays

The objective of the Tonkawa District Merit Badge College is to provide an opportunity for Scouts to earn merit badges on their journey to acheiving Eagle Rank. Scouts may sign up for four merit badges that will be offered during four sessions: Session 1 (8:30 – 9:50); Session 2 (10:00 – 11:20); Lunch Break (11:20 - 12:00); Session 3 (12:00 – 1:20); and Session 4 (1:30 - 2:50).  

Scouts must be engaged in a merit badge class at the college to be in attendance, there will be no “open slots” without a parent picking up the Scout and bringing him back later, if needed.

Class sessions are for both Saturdays and most will require some off-site work (homework) and/or field trips in order to complete all of the requirements. Scoutmasters must approve all merit badges for which their Scouts register.  Remember that attendance alone may not result in all requirements being completed. Scouts must participate and demonstrate that they have met each requirement with the merit badge counselor.

A Scoutmaster, committee member or YPT adult must be in attendance from every unit whenever a Scout from their unit is at the college.

Lunch will be served both Saturdays and is included in the price, if your Scout has specific dietary needs plan to bring a sack lunch. Lunch will consist of pizza or hot dogs, chips, water and more during the lunch break.

Counselor Information

Merit badge counselors should email Rudy Kamman @ with specific questions. A class roster and workbooks for each participant will be provided.

Every merit badge counselor will need to provide the following:

  1. Completed merit badge registration form -

  2. Copy of completed youth protection training (YPT) card

  3. Copy of BSA registration card or completed adult application -

Unit Sign-up Instructions

Units will be allowed to register if they have provided MB Counselors for this event.  Contact Rudy Kamman for further information.

Each Scoutmaster will register their troop or designate one person to register all Scouts using the MERITBADGE.INFO system.  Registration will begin January 18th at 11:59 pm Central Time.  Scouts are limited to only two Eagle required merit badges.

When signing up scouts please enter THEIR contact email address, not yours. Merit badge counselors email the scouts information about their merit badges and it will go to you if your email is entered for them.

Scouts will be provided a three-ring binder that contain merit badge workbooks, pens, and pencils. Scoutmasters will be required to provide Blue Cards for each Scout, with the front completed and signed by the Scoutmaster.

Payment Instructions for the Unit

The cost per Scout is $15.00 which includes a three-ring binder, merit badge workbooks, pens, pencils, and lunch. Each Scout must pay $15, even if they only sign up for one or two merit badges. Payment will be due at check in on February 01.   

Make checks out to Rudolph Kamman or BSA Tonkawa District

Please note Merit Badge College and Troop # on your payment memo line.


Directions to the Event

The event will take place at Huffiness Middle School 1440 North Valley Parkway  Lewisville, TX 75077



Release Information

Units will be required to bring permission slips for all Scouts in attendance. The forms can be found at:

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