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Counselor Profile

Counselor Mitchell Fenton
Council District Type Unit Role
Quapaw Area Pinnacle Pack 0227
Address Little Rock, 72204
Home Phone Mobile Phone Work Phone
private 5013137663 private
Employer Field
ACS Electronics Repair Service Center

I am a former Cub Scout and Boy Scout. I also have a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Management, a Master's of Science in Business information Systems, and a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics. I have been a Counselor for my troop for over a year now. My aim is to do everything I can to assist Scouts in fulfilling the requirements of Merit Badges to progress in the program.

Why I am qualified to teach
Personal Management*

This is an Eagle Required Badge and it requires some time and dedication to it. The Badge requires at least 13 weeks to complete. The didactic information will be conducted over 4 weeks, with 2 hour sessions.

Prerequisites for this Activity

If possible, try to compete the 13 week budget ahead of time. If not we will start it and it can be turned in at the end.

  Youth Protection Training completed: September 2020
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