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Event Details

Event Type Merit Badge
Title Troop 269 Merit Badge Challenge 2017-18, Aurora, OH
Location 130 Aurora Hudson Rd, Aurora, OH 44202  Show Map
Start Date Start Time Stop Date Stop Time
3/10/2018 8:30 3/10/2018 2:00
Open for Registration Last day to Register
11/9/2017   11/29/2017
(# badges a single scout can attend)
(cost to attend event)
(Who is invited)
3 $30.00 any scout who wants to attend
Council District Type Unit
Great Trail Seneca Troop 269

--- Start here for help ---

Most of your questions about payment, start and end times, and where to be are explained beneath the list of badges on this page.
Please read everything we've included in the event description. If you still ahve questions, contact the event manager by clicking this button.

Email Mrs Lesley Mitchell (, the Event Manager

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ActivitySessionLocationPrerequisitesMin. AgeClass FeeMax in ClassSeats AvailableCounselor 
Architecture MB2126 11120 Mrs June Lucal
Bird Study MB2105 10122 Ms Barb Philbrick
Bird Study MB3105 10150 Ms Barb Philbrick
Camping* MB1109 10150 Mr Don Vartorella
Citizenship in the Community* MB1114 10151 Mr Brian Cassidy
Citizenship in the Community* MB3111-112 10151 Ms Dianne Kuntzman
Citizenship in the Community* MB2106 10153 Mr Keith Packard
Citizenship in the Community* MB3107 10152 Nicole M Welsh JD
Citizenship in the Community* MB1120 10160 Mr Wesley Perry
Citizenship in the Community* MB2108 10157 Mr Harry Bernstein
Citizenship in the Nation* MB3114 10150 Mr Brian Cassidy
Citizenship in the Nation* MB3120American Heritage will also be covered10150 Mr Wesley Perry
Citizenship in the Nation* MB2128 American Heritage will also be covered10150 Mr David Anna
Citizenship in the Nation* MB2117 10150 Mr Frank Parrish
Citizenship in the Nation* MB1135 10150 Mr paul tanski
Citizenship in the Nation* MB1119 10150 Mr Daniel McClory
Citizenship in the World* MB2120 10170 Mr Wesley Perry
Citizenship in the World* MB3119 10155 Mr Daniel McClory
Citizenship in the World* MB3104 10152 Mr Gary Jancsurak
Citizenship in the World* MB1104 10151 Mr Gary Jancsurak
Citizenship in the World* MB2119 10150 Mr Daniel McClory
Communication* MB3106 10120 Mr Keith Packard
Communication* MB1105 10120 Ms Barb Philbrick
Communication* MB2104 10121 Mr Gary Jancsurak
Communication* MB3135 10120 Mr paul tanski
Communication* MB1128 10122 Mr David Anna
Communication* MB2129 10120 Mrs Susan McClory RN
Crime Prevention MB3118 10120 Mrs Kris Packard
Crime Prevention MB1107Fingerprinting will also be covered10150 Nicole M Welsh JD
Digital Technology MB3128 10150 Mr David Anna
Disabilities Awareness MB1108 10152 Mr Harry Bernstein
Electronics MB1140addt'l $18 Electronics Kit, due 1st session10$1880 John Burkhardt
Electronics MB2140addt'l $18 Electronics Kit, due 1st session10$1880 John Burkhardt
Electronics MB3140addt'l $18 Electronics Kit, due 1st session10$1880 John Burkhardt
Emergency Preparedness* MB3117MUST have First Aid to register10156 Mr Frank Parrish
Emergency Preparedness* MB1106MUST have First Aid to register10153 Mr Keith Packard
Emergency Preparedness* MB2109MUST have First Aid to register101510 Mr Don Vartorella
Family Life* MB3129 10160 Mrs Susan McClory RN
Family Life* MB1129 10150 Mrs Susan McClory RN
Family Life* MB2118 11120 Mrs Kris Packard
Family Life* MB3136 10120 Anonymous
Family Life* MB2136 10121 Anonymous
Family Life* MB1136 10120 Anonymous
Fire Safety MB3109Safety and Fire Safety will be taught as one class10150 Mr Don Vartorella
First Aid* MB1 & MB2111-112 10241 Ms Dianne Kuntzman
Home Repairs MB3121 10150 Mr Craig Williamson
Home Repairs MB2121 11150 Mr Craig Williamson
Law MB3108Crime Prevention will also be covered10153 Mr Harry Bernstein
Law MB2107Reading will also be covered101512 Nicole M Welsh JD
Law MB1118Fingerprinting will also be covered10126 Mrs Kris Packard
Personal Fitness* MB2114 10150 Mr Brian Cassidy
Personal Management* MB1130 13130 Mr Robert Evans
Personal Management* MB1133 13150 Mr Edward Kubek
Personal Management* MB3133 13150 Mr Edward Kubek
Personal Management* MB2130 13120 Mr Robert Evans
Personal Management* MB2133 13150 Mr Edward Kubek
Photography MB1126have access to camera/make prints or slideshow10100 Mrs June Lucal
Programming MB3138chromebook/laptop,MUST have a physical keyboard10100 Mr Laurence Mingle
Programming MB1138chromebook/laptop,MUST have a physical keyboard10100 Mr Laurence Mingle
Programming MB2138chromebook/laptop,MUST have a physical keyboard10100 Mr Laurence Mingle
Public Speaking MB2135 101513 Mr paul tanski
Public Speaking MB3116 101512 Mr Steve Hendrix PE, CFIAI
Textile MB3126 10127 Mrs June Lucal
Weather MB2116Orienteering will also be covered10150 Mr Steve Hendrix PE, CFIAI
Wilderness Survival MB1116An overnight being offered July '18 to complete10155 Mr Steve Hendrix PE, CFIAI
Sponsor Information

2017-2018 Merit Badge Challenge Registration

Sponsored by Troop 269, Seneca District, Great Trail Council

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in Troop 269's Merit Badge Challenge. The Merit Badge Challenge is an opportunity for you to earn up to 3 merit badges this winter.  This event improves advancement for all attending scouts, and provides the opportunity to explore vocations and new hobbies. Emphasis is placed on those merit badges that lend themselves to an indoor or wintertime activity such as Computers, Communications, and Citizenship badges. 


1).  The Merit Badge Challenge will be held on the following Saturdays:

       12/2/2017, 1/13/2018 2/17/18 (snow day make up date) and 3/10/2018

2).  The Merit Badge Challenge will be held at:

Harmon Middle School, 130 Aurora Hudson Rd, Aurora, OH 44202

Please arrive between 8:30–8:45 AM for check-in.

3).  Attendance is $30.00 per Scout. Payment by check is required. Mail checks made out to Troop 269 to:

Lesley Mitchell, 1925 Springside Circle, Streetsboro, OH 44241

4).  The Merit Badge Challenge starts PROMPTLY at 9:00 AM. Please arrive between 8:30–8:45 AM.

Each session of the Merit Badge Challenge is broken up into three class periods.

8:30-8:50       Check-in

9:00-10:20     Merit Badge Period 1

10:30-11:50   Merit Badge Period 2

11:55-12:30   Lunch (included)

12:40-2:00     Merit Badge Period 3

2:00              Cleanup

*** Each Scout works on up to three Merit Badges over the course of three sessions, unless they are taking First Aid, which lasts 2 periods each session.

  • The scouts will work on each merit badge they are assigned at all three sessions.

  • Scouts are expected to arrive on time and stay until dismissed by the counselor.

5).  The Merit Badge Challenge is finished by 2:00 PM each Saturday.

6).  The Official BSA Field Uniform (Class A) is to be worn all three Saturdays.

7).  On the first Saturday the scout needs to bring a signed/filled out blue merit badge card for each merit badge and a current merit badge book, or a printout of the requirements from the website, for each merit badge taken. The name and FULL address including ZIP CODE, must be written LEGIBLY on the blue cards. Some scouts print their own labels for use on the cards. This allows for misplaced cards to be mailed.

8).  First Aid Merit Badge takes two class periods each session. Upon successful completion of the class the Scout will earn the merit badge and obtain American Red Cross Certification along with AED certification.

9).  Some merit badges require additional materials or fees. Scouts will be told on the first day of class if there are any additional fees or materials required. It is also noted on the registration website.

10). Lunch is provided and included in the cost.

If you or your parents have any questions, please email

Counselor Information
Counselors, please email the scouts at the designated email address regarding any prerequisites.
Unit Sign-up Instructions

Space is limited and class assignments are made first come-first serve.

Submit you registration before 11/10/17.

Register online at If you are new to the system, you MUST FIRST CREATE A NEW USER.


Click on Create New User account before you can register a Scout for merit badge classes. If you wish to enter your BSA ID # and date of Youth Protection Training, you can access this information at, but it is NOT required.  If you do not enter a YPT training date you will receive a warning screen when logging in, but you CAN click past it.


If you select the correct STATE, COUNCIL, DISTRICT NAMES, and TROOP NUMBER, all of your Scouts in your Troop will appear on one roster.. If someone happens to enter the wrong council, district, etc, he/she can correct this by going to Change Unit on their online profile.


Once a parent, or Scoutmaster, or ASN have registered in the system, they can register ANY Scout in their Troop. 




1.) Scroll to the event titled Troop 269 Merit Badge Challenge 2017-18, Aurora, OH, or type and scroll to the event. 

2). Read all of the information below the table of activities and at the bottom click “Sign Up My Unit” to enter the “Merit Badge Registration System”

3.) Go to Step 4 if you already have an account. Otherwise, click on Register New User. Follow all prompts carefully. Do not rush. Enter your email address, mailing address, and click additional boxes if you are more than a parent, and then scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the screen to enter your password and click ADD.

4.) Click Sign On  (upper right screen) to sign into the system

5.) Select the Registration tab

6.) Select event in drop down menu: Troop 269 Merit Badge Challenge 2017-18, Aurora, OH.

7.) Follow the screen instructions and add Scouts to the registration.


Merit Badge Counselors may EMAIL class information prior to the merit badge event.  In the spirit of BSA Youth Protection guidelines, please provide an email address for the Scout's parents rather than the individual Scout.  The Scoutmaster/Leader should not use his email address to register all boys in his troop.

8). Choose one Merit Badge for each Class Period (MB1, MB2 and MB3). 

     Remember, First Aid require two class periods and is designated at MB1 & MB2.

9). Once you have selected a session for MB1, MB2, and MB3, click on the red button “Show Details/Payment Instructions”.

10). Payment by check to Troop 269 is requested. Please mail to:

Lesley Mitchell

1925 Springside Circle

Streetsboro, OH 44241

If you have registered in the past, we have eliminated the Paypal option.  There was too much confusion since the two systems are not linked. Payments by check are required.

Payment Instructions for the Unit

The participation fee is $30.00 per Scout.


Checks made payable to Troop 269 should be mailed to:

Lesley Mitchell

1925 Springside Circle

Streetsboro, OH 44241


To confirm Scout Registration after completion (or if you forgot the badges you selected) login to the system and click on the registration tab.

Select the event, and scroll down. The roster is located there. 


Directions to the Event
Harmon Middle School, 130 Aurora Hudson Road, Aurora, OH 44202
Release Information
Sign Up My Unit
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